KAMA Medium Duty Industrial Castors

We can supply the full range of KAMA Medium Duty Industrial Castors.

Load Capacity from 90kg to 600kg

Series 2200, 2300, 2400, AD2400, 2500, 2600, P2800, 2800, 3200, S3200, 3300, S3300, 3600, 3800, and Special Series

Hole, Bolt, Plate, Stem, Fixed Fork, Pipe, Expanding, Lama, Adjustable Head (swivel), Adjustable Head (fixed)

Polyamide, Heat Resistant Bakalite, Bakelite, Reinforced Thermoplastic, Cast Iron, Polycarbonate, Kamalon, Polypropylene, Heavy Duty, Steel Rim

Tread Type: Gray Rubber, Pneumatic Rubber, Black Rubber, Polyurethane, Blue Rubber, Semi Pneumatic Rubber, Thermoelastic Rubber, Injection Pressure Polyurethane, Vulcanized Rubber

Bearing Type: Plain Bearing, Heat Resistant Bearing, Iron Plain Bearing

Extras: Steel Rim Cover, Rectangular Socket, Round Socket, Cap

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  • Product Code: KAMAMDC01